Turkish Scholarship for international Students 2022

Applications for the Turkish Government Scholarship (Turkiye Burslari) 2022 & 2023 are being accepted from Pakistani students. With this scholarship, you will be able to study at top universities in Turkey.

In addition to the ability to learn various horizons and skills, the Turkish Scholarship will help you move closer to your career goals. International students who study at Turkish universities may apply for the Turkey Scholarship, which covers their education costs as well as living expenses.

Turkish Scholarship for international Students 2022

All levels of study are available at Turkey’s universities: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. There are several scholarships available in Turkey. This is an opportunity for outstanding international students from all over the world to study at some of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. Through these scholarships, Turkey is focusing on its education system.

Mutual relations between Turkey and the US need to be improved
The Turkish government intends to improve relations with all countries

Those who receive a scholarship in Turkey will be able to gain a lot of new experiences and information during this educational trip to the most prestigious country in the world.

In addition, Turkey has made it a priority to reward outstanding students. There is a separate scholarship policy for exceptional students, who will receive double the standard scholarship at the best universities in Turkey.
Pakistani students can benefit from Turkey scholarships

Scholarship benefits for Pakistani students include fully funded education at Turkish universities and coverage of all study-related expenses. The Turkish Government will pay these expenses in installments. The Turkey Scholarship covers the costs of housing, health insurance, travel, and visa for applicants outside of Turkey. Below are some of the significant benefits of the Turkey Scholarship.


Accommodation for free:

Students enrolled in public Turkish Universities do not have to pay any fees for housing under the Turkey Scholarship. Other options for accommodation are available to students who do not wish to live in University dormitories.

Tuition is free:

There is no tuition or administrative fee for Turkish scholarship students from Pakistan.

A health insurance policy:

Students on scholarship in Turkey will be covered by public health insurance for all health-related expenses. Especially if you are a foreign national, health care is a major concern around the world. A student on a scholarship in Turkey will be able to do this.
The student will not be charged anything if he or she becomes ill, since all public health insurance costs will be covered.

Expenses related to travel:

Students will receive a flight ticket to Turkey and back once their studies are completed once they have been awarded the scholarship. The student will be reimbursed later if he or she purchases the ticket himself. Scholarship recipients will receive a card granting them the right to move at an extremely low state-subsidized price.
Language requirements for Pakistani applicants to the Turkey Scholarship

The student who is not fluent in Turkish must take a full year of Turkish language instruction, but several conditions must be met:

This period cannot be exceeded or decreased in a whole year
Improve the linguistic skills of students
The Turkey Language course does not have any exceptions

If you are learning another language at the same time, you are eligible to take Turkey Language. The course is designed to keep students in Turkey for a longer period of time.
The following documents are required for Turkish Scholarship applications:

Pakistani students need to prepare the following documents before submitting their online applications:

Grade in a diploma
Grades as a group
Graduation from high school
Grade on University Entrance Exam
Statement of intent
Test Scores International

Pakistani Nationals Are Eligible for Turkish Burslari Scholarships

The following countries are given preference for the Turkey Scholarship program in Turkey:

United States of America
The United Arab Emirates

However, this does not mean that any student in any country is entitled to receive this grant. In some countries, only graduate students are eligible.

  1. The Turkey scholarship program does not allow for age relaxation
  2. Applicants who wish to apply for a Turkish scholarship program must not have been born before January 1999.
  3. To be eligible for the Turkish Scholarship Program, you must not have been born before January 1990.
  4. In order to qualify for a Ph.D. scholarship, you must have graduated in January 1985
  5. The applicant must be born before 1975 to be eligible for the Research program
  6. The university requires 70% of applicants to be undergraduate students
  7. A minimum of 75% of the applicant is required for master’s and doctoral degrees
  8. Medical school applicants must have a 90% grade point average
  9. Those with Turkish citizenship or who have already acquired Turkish citizenship cannot apply for these programs. Furthermore,
  10. students who are already in Turkey are not eligible to apply. Students selected for consideration must submit documents upon request, otherwise, they won’t be considered.
  11. The scholarship program in Turkey is open to all citizens of the world who meet these conditions.

Can Pakistani students apply for Turkey Scholarships?

Online applications for Turkey Scholarships are accepted every year before February 20th. A web-based application system is available for Turkish Scholarships. Prepare the documents you need to submit when you submit your Turkish Scholarship application. Applicants should provide all of the required information.

Fill out all the required information. Please read the instructions before proceeding. Applications for Turkey scholarships are due on February 20 each year. You should submit your application as soon as possible. Applying for a Turkish scholarship is free. You are not required to pay anything.

You can expect an interview email or phone call when you check the result announcement notice on the Turkey Government Scholarship. Click here to view the Turkey Government Scholarship result announcement notice. You might need to apply for a Turkish visa based on your final result.

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