How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

In this post I tell you How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles. Hijab is the distinctiveness of Muslim females and it could be worn in several stylish and trendy styles. Varying demands of the present time has caused the introduction of several methods in which scarf can be worn. Majority of the females face difficulty in properly wearing it. Wearing hijab with a comfortable fit and finished appearance is the art. There are several trendy styles in which it can be worn. Although wearing hijab is the art but some practice can let the females wrapping it in several attractive styles. If you are bored with existing style then this article will help you in solving this issue.

I will put highlight on some of the most preferred and trendy ways of wearing hijabs. By following these easy and simple methods, a female can get expertise in wearing it in the trendy styles.

For following problem-free way of wearing the hijab, females will require the following items.

   Rectangular hijab.

   Some sliding pins.

   Bonnet cap, if required.

How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

Method # 1    

By following these simple steps, wrapping hijab would be so easy for the females that will provide an excellent coverage from front side and an entire finished appearance. Following steps are included in wearing it according to this method.

How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

   First of all take rectangular hijab having the hanging tassels on both of its sides.

   Putting it above the head in the way that one side is shorter and other is longer.

   Take longer side and then wrap that side on head. Sliding pin can be used for having fix appearance of hijab by placing that pin just over the ear. It can again be wrapped over head if it is found that it is lengthy.

Method # 2

This method includes the following steps.

How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

   Take rectangular hijab (average size) with hanging tassels on both sides.

   Place it on the head in the manner that one side is longer than other side.

   Now take both the longer and shorter side of that hijab and fix it by a pin beneath chin for having the great finish.

   After that take longer side of hijab and properly cover it above the head.

Method # 3

 The steps that are involved in this method are:

How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

    Place hijab above the head in the way that one side is shorter than other side.

   Fold back hijab at the back of neck in such a way that both edges assemble together.

   Fix together both the edges by pin at the back of neck with a comfortable fit and finished appearance.

   Take its longer side and wrap above head by bringing it downwards towards the chin.

   Now bring it on other end and then pin its edge in a nice manner.

 Methods of wearing Amira Hijab

Amira hijab is a trendy appearance these days and two methods will now be illustrated for wearing it.

 Method # 1

 For wearing Amira hijab, following steps must be followed.

How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

    Place the thin colorful scarf over the front side of head as shown in the picture.

   Now place lengthy piece of the amira hijab on it as illustrated in picture.

 Method # 2

 According to this method, following two steps are to be followed.

How To Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles

  Place the two piece of hijab above the head.

 Put the thin scarf that will cover under scarf piece of amira and tie it at the back of neck. It can be carried out by using six inch large scarf that has been partially tied.

 Helpful tips in wearing hijab

Bonnet cap can be used under hijab in order to evade its slipping.

For the slippery cloths like georgette and chiffon, a pin should be used for making sure that it remains firm at its place.

Do not overlook the adjustment of all creases on front side of hijab at the time of placing it on forehead.

Accessories can also be added to it by using attractive head band.

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